Pictures from Lanzarote

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winegrowing in La Geria

La Geria The black lava flows is used for winegrowing. Therefor are holes built, with small walls around. In each hole grows one vine. This kind of cultivation has built the landscape, wich La Geria is famous for.

La Geria Today the wine of La Geria is also selled direct to the tourists.

National park Timanfaya

Bild national park Timanfaya View from the vistor center over the national park Timanfaya. The visitor center is the only place in the nationalpark which you can reach with your own car (date 2002). The driving in the remaining area is only permitted to bus- sightseeingtours, and it is forbidden to get of the bus.

Picture vulcanos Nationalpark Timanfaya In the national parc Timanfaya you can see the volcanic root of the island Lanzarote. In the landscape are a lot of volcanos.

Los Hervideros

picture Los Hervideros Depending on the motion of the see, you can see why this location is called "Los Hervideros". At this lookout there is an parking area, and footways guid you through the rocks to small balconies, frome where you have a nice view on the "Hervideros".

Bild Los Hervideros The lookout "Los Hervideros" is lokated in the west of Lanzarote, near to the village Yaiza.

Charco de Los Clicos

Pic Lago Verde Nearby Los Hervideros is the Charco de los clicos (alos calles Lago verde) located. It is a small pool in an old caldera at the coastline.

Charco de Los Clicos The rocks around the Lago Verde have an very interesting look.